About me

You may know my name, how I look like and where I am from, but most people I'm connected with through my social media platform have never really had the chance to meet me. I would love to introduce myself in so many other ways, and to express other aspects of my personality such as being driven in my work, curious about the world, and dedicated to whatever I do.

I started modeling when I was 13, and since then social media has completely transformed the industry. Working with Guess, Intimissimi, GSQ, and other major international brands is exhilarating - but at the same time, it requires discipline and composure. Based in Paris and Warsaw, my job has given me the opportunity to fly around the world constantly. I was sucked by the fashion world at a young age, and as a result my life has been a whirlwind up until this point. It’s been a thrilling adventure!

That’s why I decided to open a new website devoted to showing more of my life to people who really want a deeper look. I hope you like this idea and remember: I don’t need to hide anything here, it's my private space where I can show my true face.


My goals

First of all, I joined this website to give you a golden ticket to my exclusive content. I’ve always had a dedication to stay 100% true to myself and never changed for anyone. With my job it’s never been easy. Here I can avoid the mainstream social media hassle. But there are some other goals you might not know know I have in my life:

- Proper mindset and balance - learning from mistakes, starting every day on a positive note and spending time with inspiring people

- Making social media a better place - it gives me this amazing opportunity to talk to you but there is a lot of bullying, criticizing and rumor spreading…don’t support this!

- Studying fashion - it’s not only about fancy clothes or popular name brands, it’s self expression and, above all, attitude

- Creating my own brand - still my little secret but I guess I’ll be able soon to add the word ‚designer’ to my bio as well

I love being able to share my life story with you! Are you ready to see more?

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